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Great Transformations

We can help you tap into latent resources and wisdom to enhance your life.

Great Transformations

Or are you are stuck in a rut or conflict situation, feeling overwhelmed, demotivated or stressed and want to get out?

Do you feel like your life has been turned upside down?


Perhaps an emotional bombshell has been dropped in your work or personal life.

You are not going mad! Stressful situations, and unconscious emotional responses to triggers, often result in a kind of capability shut down. People find it difficult to make decisions, our motivation dips and we don’t behave like we usually do. It’s very unsettling when you are normally on top of life.  

We specialize in enabling you to transform these challenging times - quickly, positively and profoundly. It’s cutting edge, personal and practical.

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Fiona Sutherland - founder of Great Transformations

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